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It's February!!!  (and I have no idea what to write)
Seriously though folks... I'm sitting here dying a slow writer's block death.  I've erased and restarted this very paragraph so many times I believe that the laptop is even getting tired of it.  I know that we've got a February bunny to discuss, but every other Fabshophop site does that.  They just say where to go with no sense of humor or originality.  I never wanted to be that way... that's where the bunny mafia came from.  My total disregard for being another "cookie cutter" clue giver.  I need to stand up and be different... to point out the absolute atrocity of the tye-dye penguin pajama pants person, the commando bingo ladies, and we can't forget the bunny sympathizers.  You all know who you are.  And in true American EBN Network fashion... don't ever be ashamed of it!  Wear your crazy PJ pants!  Load up on those ink dobbers and make colorful blotches on random numbers!  And I can't believe I'm saying this... but put on your hideous bunny outfits and run around the streets like a bunch crazy people (because you are crazy people!).  I do what I do with pride and honor and will continue to do such until the bunny mafia is done and finished.  Frankly... that'll probably be a while since they do... you know... multiply like rabbits.  Alright though... enough stalling... allow me to present to you the February spotlight member of the bunny mafia, Bentley.  Bentley is the driver for some of the most dangerous members of the bunny mafia.  Bentley has almost been caught many times over, but has always managed to escape.  Each escape is more brutal than the last.  His last capture attempt was actually caught on camera.
As you can see here, a brave highway patrolman is in the process of doing the impossible.  He is attempting to apprehend a bunny mafia member by himself... with no backup... no means of rescue if needed.  Unfortunately this lack of support led to a near tragic ending.  I can't show you the next events as there may be children, elderly with weak hearts, and snowflake millennials who's feelings get hurt when real life situations arise.  What I can show you is this.
This is Bentley after leaving the poor patrolman behind.  Look at that smug face.  Smiling and giving the photographer a thumbs-up.  This bunny has to go down!  I need everyone to go to the "Pre-Cuts" area of this website.  Right now.  I'm not sure why he went to the "Pre-Cuts" area, but that's not important.  What is important is that you go with some backup, or support.  Don't be like the poor highway patrolman that tried to do it alone.  Be safe.  We don't want anyone else being needlessly hurt.  Remember, "Pre-Cuts", go get him.  Don't worry about the officer.  From what I hear, he'll be just fine.  In fact, he wanted to say hi... say hi everyone.

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