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Did we ........ do it?  Is the ....... signal hacked... Is it ... ours?  YES!

Hello humans.  Your beloved EBN Network has be officially cut off.  But please... where are my manners.  Allow me to introduce ourselves.  We are the very group this upstart news company has been hunting these many years.  Our numbers have been around well before the creation of this so called news group and to be honest, I didn't give them much of a chance for success.  But you humans always have a way of surprising me.  I must admit though, this surprise was not one that I was happy to accept.  Granted... loosing members to local authorities is an acceptable, unavoidable, and calculated loss when you run a multi-national crime syndicate, but loosing members, key members, each and every month becomes tiresome and problematic.  Such are problems that I simply cannot ignore.  Especially to a group that uses quilting sites as their main source of communication.  Humans are so simplistic.  So yes, I continued to put assets into the field, knowing that their freedom was at risk.  But these decisions are mine to bear and the intelligence I gained from each and every one of my captured members was, and is, irreplaceable.  I learned about their structure, their means of communication, and yes... even their leadership.  You humans and your lust for instant gratification know nothing about the patience needed to unravel such a organization from within.  So now that your dear EBN is under my control... go ahead... search for our members, for our numbers are vast.  As a matter of fact, I'll tell you exactly where certain members of my group are working within.  Lets take October for an example... "Block of the Month", go there to find one of our members.  Report his location to as many people as you want.  For your work and diligence will be in vain.  We are everywhere... I am everywhere.

I am Lucian and I AM the Bunny Mafia.


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