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It never fails... We here at the EBN Network spend our time and money trying to get the word out on how dangerous the bunny mafia really is.  Every month we work on putting information out there, trying to inform the masses on how they directly and indirectly want to cause us harm.  With each month there is also the group of bunny supporters out there that just can't get it into their heads what we try to do.  Once again, a member of society has fallen victim to these fuzzy little felons.  Some poor soul (name withheld) in Burbank, CA. was out trying to get into the good graces of the Burbank branch of the bunny mafia.  The fuzzballs told the man that he needs to rob a certain business as a test to see if he was worthy.  First of all people, the bunny mafia does not take human members.  I've tried to explain this on countless alerts, but some people just refuse to learn.  Well, this gentleman learned the hard way.  The business that the mafia told him to rob... was an MMA training facility.  For those of you that may not know what MMA is, it stands for Mixed Martial Arts.  They're training fighters.  Yes... that's right... this poor soul tried to steal from professional training fighters.  Did the bunny tell him what this business was? Of course not!  They probably said it was a bakery or candle maker, something calm and peaceful.  Dirty lying little rabbits.  Poor guy never stood a chance.  He was quickly disarmed and subdued by the head trainer until the police arrived.  And by "subdued" I mean that he probably got his butt whooped for a bit to make sure he understood the level of stupidity he was currently at.  Of course the police thought he as out of his mind as he kept blaming a rabbit for whole course of events.  Little do they know.  I've been trying to get the local police to read our news alerts so they would understand the level of danger we're all in, but so far, not so much luck.
Anyway, the bunny responsible for this tragedy was unknown until now.  Our investigative crew spent days of deep research to come up with the name... Swindle.  Yeah... sometimes the name really fits the actions of a person.  Let's do our best to make sure that Swindle doesn't do anyone else harm.  Her last known where-abouts was the "Timeless Treasures" area of this very website.  Please be careful, and for the love of Pete... do not take any ideas or suggestions from her!  Find her... report her location... and then let the Fabshophop Authorities do their thing.

Stay strong... stay safe...

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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