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This just in...  A shocking development in Indiana weather... There is, in fact, a sun in the sky!  Yes, you heard me right.  Through countless rumors and whispers, the sun has finally made an appearance.  Some people and afraid to leave their homes for the sight of a giant ball of flames in the sky is just more than they can currently handle.  The EBN team is pitching in to help where ever we can.  Let's face it... when your job is to deal with gangster bunny rabbits, your therapy team is pretty much top notch.  So... as the EBN therapy group is out doing good deeds, we will focus our attention to the issue at hand.  The April member of the bunny mafia.  Now I wish this next bit of information was another dose of "fake news", but we here at the EBN don't deal in fake news.  We'll give you the story as we get it, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.  Speaking of ridiculous... our investigative team just delivered it.  Our April bunny mafia member is named Tom.  Granted, Tom is a fairly normal name.  It is his last name that just makes me cringe.  Yup... in April, we're chasing down Tom Foolery... a day before April fool's day.  This literally makes my brain hurt.  Why did I even show up to the news room?  Okay... it is what it is, and now we'll just deal with it. (Oh... don't let me forget to tell you a funny story at the end of this)

Now then.  According to reports, Tom Foolery is running amuck in the "What's New" area of this website.  Now with it being the eve of April fool's day, we've gone through pain staking details and investigation to make sure that the information we are sharing is accurate and complete.  Believe me... we've had to sort through some of the craziest reports.  At one point, Tom as seven feet tall and walked around on two legs speaking with a strong Spanish accent while wearing a top hat.  Know what the worst part about this is?  This story was one of the more believable.  So we are very sure that the information we share is solid.  Let's handle this like the professionals we are.  Head to the "What's New" area... report Tom's location... keep your distance.  Those simple rules will keep everyone safe while still doing the job needed.

Be safe out there... What?  Oh yeah... the story... almost forgot.
This goes out to all the kids out there dealing with parents that just are very tech savvy. 
Just yesterday, my dear father comes to me and asks me to help him get some files off a USB thumb drive.  (Okay... no problem, this is an easy one)  He goes and gets the "thumb drive" and hands it to me.  It's shape is bit odd, but nowadays thumb drives come in all shapes and sizes.  So as I turn it around and finish the visual inspection... I hand it back to him and say we can't store or open any files on this USB.  He looked a bit down and asked how did I know it was broken, or couldn't be used.  Dear ol' dad... I said to him, "my friend, that right there isn't a thumb drive... that's a USB charger for one of your old e-cigarettes!".  I wasn't even sure what to say after that.

And with that... be safe out there my friends.

EBN News Anchor,
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