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And no... this one doesn't have anything to do with the Bunny Mafia.  But it does have everything to do with saving money.  Now if you don't want to save any money... please stop reading now and proceed to paying full price for everything. (calming music as we wait while they leave)
Are they gone?  Go ahead, take a look around to make sure.  EXCELLENT!!  Now that just the sane and clear headed people remain, I have some important news for you.  Make sure to stop by the FABRIC PANELS for some incredible savings.  We just went through our online inventory and reduced prices on dozens (that's more than 12 for those of you that haven't had that first cup of coffee yet) of great fabric panels.  If you have some random fabric laying around and you just don't have a good project for them (and from what I hear... that's all of you), a new fabric panel may be just the ticket to spark your new project.  Or you can just save a ton of money and add to your fabric stash. (That's what my mom does)


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Let me start with this... here at the EBN Network, we read each and every email that comes our way.  Yup, all six of them.  Now with that being said, there was one particular message that came our way that really caught my eye.  To spare you all the boring details, I'll give you the Cliff Note version (I know... I'm getting to it if you just give me a second).  One of our keenly acute readers may have mentioned that we here at the EBN may possible need some form of psychiatric attention (shush... I know, that's just crazy talk).  At first I didn't quite understand what they meant... I mean seriously, doesn't everyone fight against an international mafia mob made up of bunny rabbits?  How is this not a normal task to improve the world around us... right?  (Introduce the new lab guy?  Okay I guess, sounds like a good idea)  Well now... please meet Randolph, our newest tech... also sporting our fancy new office uniform.
See... doesn't he look like a normal, well adjusted young man?  Exactly what I was thinking (No... they're not laughing at me... stop interrupting). Now that I've cleared the air of any notion that we here at the EBN need some form of professional attention, let's get down to October business.  (Oh my gosh... will you please stop... No, I don't know why they can't hear you)  For October, our research team has given us a generalized area to begin our search.  Please begin your search in the "Fabric Panels" area of the site.  Little is known about the bunny mafia member for October so please be careful when reporting his location to the Fabshophop Authorities.  (Okay... that's it... that was just rude)  I apologize for having to cut this report short, but sometimes the voices just need to be quelled.  Oh... and for our loyal reader that hilariously thinks that we need some form help, I already have a fabulous way of making things better.

See... I have things perfectly under control.  Don't forget... "Fabric Panels".  That's where you need to go in October!
Stay strong... stay safe...

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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