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   360 N Main St. Ste. G
Dutch Mill Plaza
Bluffton, Indiana 46714
(260) 565-4438  

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360 N Main St. Suite G
Dutch Mill Plaza
Bluffton, Indiana 46714

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EBN News Alert!!
Ladies and gentlemen...

It is with the most earnest and sincere seriousness that I bring this new alert to you. Once again the Halloween season has worked through the calendar, and once again the nefarious and evil Dr. Rabbit Von Frankenbunny has made his presence felt by young and old alike. He spends all year trying to make his "experiments" a legitimate part of the scientific community. This year was no different. His experiment this year may have been more successful than in the years past, but his abomination is still proof that this outcast member of the bunny mafia is as dangerous as ever, and must be stopped once and for all.
I'm sorry folks... but just look at his creation. This was roaming the back alleys and shadowy streets all month. The FabShopHop authorities did a fantastic job in capturing this beast, but without the apprehension of Dr. Frankenbunny, another one of these is bound to arise next year.

In an odd bit of irony... Dr. Frankenbunny is trying desperately to avoid capture and is attempting to find safety in a different holiday season all together. "Christmas and Winter" fabrics was his last known location. Not sure who he is trying to fool, but our investigation team has been hot on his trail and have solidified this information for all  of you. Let our presence be felt by this so called doctor and make sure that this was his last Halloween not in a federal lock-up. Don't forget... "Christmas and Winter" fabrics is where he is at. Don't be mislead to go to other more Halloween-like area. Good luck my friends. Find him, report him, and steer clear. Allow the proper authorities do the dirty work.

Until next time...

EBN News Director


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