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Hello friends, this is Mary, I have been cleaning around our website and a lot of items have been added to
Sale and Clearance area.
Check them out from kits, to panels to fabrics.
Keep an eye because if 2:00 am hits and I can't sleep... I'm off to the sewing room... or discount more items here at the website.
New items are arriving weekly as you can see my son is adding more items every week and I will be helping in the posting of new items since we will be starting
4... yes 4 new Block of the Month. I will be doing the postings for these items.
One of the new ways for you to join us in our Block of the Month for 2018 or even 2017 is I (personally) can email you an invoice from Pay Pal
and you can pay every month without giving information of your credit card OR we can keep your credit card on file and I will charge you every month.
Now remember, you can also pre-pay and I will mail your block of the month free of shipping every month.

It's a new year and technical issues still plague the EBN Network!! (Ugh... this will be the third time I've tried to get this update to post... wish me luck)
It's 2018 people!!! That's right,  2017 is in the books and all the chaos that came with it is now behind us.  We're ready to face the new year with a renewed energy and passion.  New year brings new challenges, new opportunities, new surroundings, and new friends.  That's right, new challenges as face the bunny mafia and it's nefarious members (ummm... didn't we do that last year?), new surroundings (I believe this is the same office as last year as well), okay then... this inspiring speech that I had in my head may not be quite as inspiring as I would have hoped.  Well... what's that leave us?  FRIENDS!!! Yes... new friends!  Now that is something that the annoying little voice in head can't speak poorly about... (ummm, I can actually point out tha...) SHUT UP!!! Wow... I'm sorry that you all had to see me argue with myself.  It's a bit embarrassing, but I'm sure that we all do it.  Yes... yes we do.  Of course you do... especially you.  The one in the tye-dyed penguin sweatpants.  There's no way the voice in your head was like... "Oh yeah... this looks gooooood.  This is a solid fashion choice." 
Anyway... arguments aside... we have a job to do.  Even if it is the same job as we did last year (and the years before that), it is still a necessity.  The January member of the bunny mafia is reported to lurking around the "What's New" area of the site.  Yeah, yeah... I know... it's a new year, let's go with the "What's New", blah blah blah.  You can't argue with this level of genius ingenuity.  So there you go.  Search your way around the "What's New" page and report the location of the bunny mafia to the Fabshophop authorities so they can do what they do.  That's a good question... to be honest, I really don't know what the Fabshophop authorities actually do.  It looks like we all have some work to do.  You report the bunny location and I'll find out what the authorities actually do.  I believe that you all will have far better luck accomplishing your task than I will, but I'll still give it a go.

As always... new year or not... old friends and new friends... Here's to a great 2018!
From all of here at the EBN (all of us? Who are we kidding... it's just me over here)
EBN Network News Anchor


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