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I'm sorry on top of apologies, but as the little blurb stated, we did have a family emergency that required our attention.  Before everyone starts wondering and worrying about what happened.  Don't worry, the funny farm hasn't come and taken my mom away (not yet anyway).  Although we aren't out of the woods yet, things are much better than they were, so for that, we are blessed.  So then... let's get down to business.  We are three months into the new year already and March roars in with mother nature being as confused as ever (check local weather conditions in your area).  We've had days in the near sixties so having snow and sleet just two days later.  Yeah!!! Weather in Indiana is awesome (no... not really).  You know what's worse that this crazy weather?  The idea that someone out there is feeling sorry for the bunnies in this cold and is making them outfits.  Seriously?? What the hell??  They're covered in fur!  The good Lord knew what he was doing when covered them up.  They don't need our help.  And by the way... they aren't happy about it... just to let you know.
Just look at this rabbit!!! It's hilarious!  He, or she, is mad as heck!  Look at that face!  And it's not just this little criminal fuzzball either.
I'm not sure if anyone has seen a bunny this upset before... but wow.  We got to do something before this gets out of hand! The culprit behind this all is actually a member of the bunny mafia!  They are trying to get the rest of the bunny population upset at us humans.  They are trying to frame us for putting them in these ridiculous outfits.  Head over the "Batiks" area of our fabric pages and locate this month's bunny mafia member, Dolce Gabunny.  That little fabric connoisseur is looking for more fabrics to make these horrendous outfits.  "BATIKS"!!!  Go find him and make sure he can't throw the rest of humanity under the fashion bus!
Best of luck!!!
EBN Network News Anchor


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