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EBN Network Alert!!

For all you warm weather lovers... Welcome to Summertime!!

That's right, we've survived the cold winter, made it through the rainy spring, and now looking forward to some warm days and refreshing nights. Things are looking good and the EBN Network is starting to get back into the swing of things. Not going to lie... I think this could be the first month in a long time where the EBN isn't going to have to perform some form of damage control. By reason of the bunny mafia, or our very own personnel that may take things a bit far. It happens. Speaking of the bunny mafia... we have a strong lead regarding this month's bunny criminal. Our investigation team has narrowed the search grid to the "Northcott Fabric" area of this website. It's not very often that we get such a strong lead so early in the month, so let's take full advantage of this information and report their location to the Fabshophop authorities. As always, DO NOT try to apprehend these fugitive bunnies on your own. The Fabshophop authorities have the training and equipment to safely hold and transport these criminals to their holding location. The proof is in the photo. Apparently, they've learned from the bunny mafia themselves how to transport such criminals. This is a rare and uncirculated photo of the bunny mafia dealing with one of their own. The bunny in the containment module was caught stealing information from the mafia and selling it to the squirrel squad. Needless to say, such a horrific act within the bunny mafia was not taken lightly. These fuzz ball criminals are not to be taken lightly.
Please... do not get the wrong ideas here people. Do not start saving up toilet paper cores thinking you can start to catch these bunny criminals on your own. That tool is a highly designed and tested piece of equipment. Matching the technology of the equipment with the training of Fabshophop team and we have a dynamic combination of bunny catching methodology. So again... go to the "Northcott Fabrics" page... find the June bunny... report its location to the Fabshophop authorities... and then leave the containment and removal to them. I need everyone to stay safe so we can count on your help in the continuing fight against the bunny mafia.

Stay vigilant... Stay safe.



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