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Hello friends, this is Mary, I have been cleaning around our website and a lot of items have been added to
Sale and Clearance area.
Check them out from kits, to panels to fabrics.
Keep an eye because if 2:00 am hits and I can't sleep... I'm off to the sewing room... or discount more items here at the website.
New items are arriving weekly as you can see my son is adding more items every week and I will be helping in the posting of new items since we will be starting
4... yes 4 new Block of the Month. I will be doing the postings for these items.
One of the new ways for you to join us in our Block of the Month for 2018 or even 2017 is I (personally) can email you an invoice from Pay Pal
and you can pay every month without giving information of your credit card OR we can keep your credit card on file and I will charge you every month.
Now remember, you can also pre-pay and I will mail your block of the month free of shipping every month.
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        Special Holiday News Alert!!

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           of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop   List 
           of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop   List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop

My friends... we now enter our most dangerous time of the year.  I know... I know... It's Christmas time, the happiest, most joyful time of the year.  That may be true for most of us, but for those of us in the EBN family we all know that this is the time of the year where we have to be at the highest level of alertness.  The bunny mafia knows that we all love Christmas.  They take our love of this season and twist it to their advantage.  Do not fall for this trap!  Stop laughing at me people... We go through this every year and people fall for their cute little fuzziness time and time again.

-  -

PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE... Do not fall for this cuddly trap!  No one is safe from them.  Every year they become more and more dangerous.  Even our very own lab techs fell for this trap... heck, even our "Elf on a Shelf" fell for their so called innocent looking little faces.  I have proof in case you all doubt me.

- -

Trapped in Christmas lights... how low are these bunnies willing to go?  We have to do something... and we will.  We now know who is responsible for these senseless attacks on our EBN team members.  His name you ask??? (you did ask... right?)  His name is Bill Bringle (no relation to Kris Kringle) and we have a solid lead as to his current location.  Go forth and search through the "Sales and Clearance" area of this website.  Search low and high... left and right... frontwards and backwards... and for those far more limber than I... search diagonally.  However you like to search, just remember to go to the "Sales and Clearance" and report Bill's location.  DO NOT... and I repeat, DO NOT try to apprehend this fuzzball on your own.  Report his location to the Fabshophop authorities and allow them to handle the dangerous criminals.

As always my friends... have a safe, blessed, and joyful Christmas holiday.  Enjoy time with friends and family (not the rabbits though) and we'll meet again in January of 2018!

Merry Christmas!!!

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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