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Everyone... this is a trick!!! I appreciate our junior intern reporter trying to pass along information for our spotlight member of the Bunny Mafia, Sparky, but she just doesn't understand the danger surrounding this bunny. It's still unclear as to how Sparky manages to manipulate the weather patterns around the Midwest, but every year he lures unknowing individuals to believe that the cooler temperatures of Fall are here just to turn it around on everyone and crank up the heat to catastrophic levels. Mary just hasn't been a part of the EBN long enough to understand the bunnies history. We last received reports of Sparky three years ago. It was the end of August and the weather came through with cool crisp mornings with mild sunny days. This lasted for three days... and then this:
I don't want to come across as an extremist, but this is a real situation. We almost lost our previous junior intern reporter as he left the safety of the broadcast center to enter the heat that Sparky created to keep our beloved EBN off balance and off the trail of the bunny mafia. Luckily our intern made it back inside just in time. But as a stern reminder to all that mess with the bunny mafia, we kept this photo of what was almost a dire situation.
I know that Mary means well, but as the EBN News director, I have to make sure that the news being shared through our network is accurate and directed to the health and safety of our members. The bunny mafia is just simply not safe to deal with. Above and beyond everything that we share... please make sure to keep your distance from the members of the bunny mafia. Use our information to locate them and report their location to the Fabshophop authorities. They are the professionals trained to bring in these criminals to justice. Mary's initial report is listed below. Please reference it for the location of Sparky in September. Remember... locate Sparky, report his location, and then keep your distance. Allow the Fabshophop authorities to go do... their voodoo... that they do... so well.

And Fall is making its debut here in Indiana. Nice cool mornings and pleasant weather in the afternoon. Now, the secret is will it last or will we have another heat wave???? I hope it lasts and the September bunny does too because he wants it all together. Wait, what do I mean by all together.
Well, pattern, fabrics and binding for its beautiful project. Ah yes, I mean a kit. And that is probably where you will find him by the quilting kits.
Now, don't forget that we will be adding more and more kits all thru the month so visit us and see what has been added.
Another special going this month... not bunny related but savings related. Check the panel section for a large variety of panels at $3.99 each and like kits we will be adding new ones all thru the month.
So, let's get sewing and having fun, happy quilting everyone.


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