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Bunny Mafia News Declaration...

Good day humans... by now you were probably thinking, or hoping, that last month's little stunt by yours truly was a joke or hoax.  Well, I assure you that this is most definitely not a joke.  Your EBN network signal has been officially taken over, and while most of you try to wrap your simple minded brains around such and idea, my plans begin to unfold into beautiful synchronicity.  I bet there are people right now opening up another web page just to get the definition of synchronicity... especially the one in the penguin pajamas.  I always heard rumors that such a human existed... sad to learn that the rumors were 100% true.  Explain to me again how your race rose to the level they are now?  That's the true mystery.  Oh well... wallow in your simplistic thought processes and allow us of true genius to go about taking over the world.  Speaking of taking over... your miserable attempts last month in reporting the location of our mafia member were laughable.  So much that I will give you yet another clue, to another member, that you will scamper around to find.  So sad.  Go forth feeble humans and find our November member.  Look for her in the "Quilting Kits" area of the very website.  Expend your energy reporting back to that silly Fabshophop network while I... while we... continue to expand our numbers.

I am Lucian and I AM the Bunny Mafia.


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