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EBN Network Alert!!

Allow me to begin this news update with the acknowledgment that I may have welcomed everyone to summer time with last month's news, but I had no intention of welcoming in the days of 3400 degree temperatures. WOW... it's been hot! (check local weather patterns for temperatures in your area) I made the drastic mistake in asking one of our news interns to outside to check the mail. Poor kid came back inside looking a bit... well done.
And before anyone asks... yes, our intern does look a lot like a certain, accident prone coyote, but that's nothing but a massive coincidence. Oddly enough though, this intern has been know for falling off of cliffs, having safes fall on him, and having hilarious situations after trying on rocket powered roller skates. So here I am once again, performing some basic first aid for one of our important EBN employees. Luckily, this guy is extremely durable. Anyway, as I tend to his singe marks... take a moment and look through the "Fabric Panels" page for Sparky, the focus of this month's member of the bunny mafia. Do not approach this fuzzy little arsonist. That is his primary method of escaping capture. Sparky has a tendency to start fires as a diversion to allow him to escape. Needless to say, this month is going to hot enough as it is, we don't need to add random fires to the heat index. Locate Sparky, from a distance, and then notify the Fabshophop authorities. They have the tools and training to deal with bunny mafia members like Sparky.

Until next month... try to stay cool.



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