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360 N Main St. Suite G
Dutch Mill Plaza
Bluffton, Indiana 46714

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Emergency Bunny Network... Breaking News!!
It's officially a new year ladies and gentlemen... that is correct. We've made through one of the craziest years in recent memory. Seriously folks, the only thing missing this year was an Incan or Mayan calendar telling us that the world was going to end... again. I would go through and list all the crazy and amazing things that happened, but seriously... who would have the time to read that much? Not me... and I'm the one writing it! So instead, let's focus on the new year... 2022. Let's all do our best to make it great year for everyone. So go out and hug a dog, kiss a stranger, and scratch grandpa behind his ear. Maybe not exactly in that order and pairings, but you get the point.
 We're going to make 2022 awesome!!

The first step to making 2022 awesome is waiting for you all in the "On Sale and Clearance" area of this webpage. That's right. That is where January's spotlight member of the bunny mafia is hiding out. You all need to be on the look out for George "The Gut" Bunny. This exact time of the year is when he thrives. He scours the back alleys and urban trash cans for the mass amount of left over foods that we threw out after the Christmas and New Year's parties. I can honestly say that I refuse to help fill his belly with food because I made sure to clean my plates thoroughly. Yeah... my bathroom scale hates me right now for it as well (but that's for another story at another time). Please don't make the mistake to think you can take on a bunny in the midst of a feeding frenzy. It is horribly dangerous and borderline life threatening. One of the EBN investigation crew tried this very action 3 years ago. Needless to say... things did not go well for our dear Travis.
I personally think the balloon his crew got him was a nice touch.

So please remember. Find George "The Gut" and then simply report his location to the FabShopHop Authorities so that they can take care of him in a safe and proper method. I need to make sure that our readers remain safe so they can return each month to do their part in hunting down the bunny mafia. I appreciate all of your continued efforts.

Signing off for now...


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  • 360 N Main St. G
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