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Morning boys and girls...  Given the news for today is a bit different than usual, we're going to do this update a bit different than usual.  I'm going to introduce the bunny first and then I'm going to on a short, rage filled tirade as we are forced to deal with some really irritating people on a day to day basis.  So, the bunny... his name is Wally.  Now Wally has a special talent.  Wally can both cause great internal rage within those that he comes in contact with while at the same time he can illicit a feeling for sorry and pity.  It really is a unique ability.  One that I got deal with first hand just a couple of days ago.  Now I didn't see Wally the bunny exactly, but I'm almost 7000% sure that I met his human counterpart at our local big-box store.  Now before I get ahead of myself... Wally, the bunny, and can be found in our "Moda Fabric" area.  Check there to report his location.  And for the rest of you that enjoy reading about other people's crazy encounters... I will continue with my story about Wally's human doppelganger.
This encounter happened in the parking lot.  I wheeled my cart of groceries and other random household items that can be found in a big-box store and I put my cart in the empty parking slot next to my car.  Nothing seems weird yet... right?  Now after I open my back door, put the first of many bags in the backseat of the car I look up and sitting behind the steering wheel of old, busted up, rusted, minivan that's being held together with nothing but scotch tape, old bubble gum, a hand full of ketchup packets, and years of deep sorry and regret was Wally.  Staring at me with that previously described mixture of rage and misery.  Now I don't know how long he was sitting there, but he sat there, no turn signal to let anyone know his intentions, just sitting there... staring.  I found myself getting angry at this man and his rust rocket of a ride and slammed my car door shut and moved my cart to the other side of my car because I had to assume that he wanted to park in the space next to me and he obviously lacked the patience to allow me to finish loading my car.  No problem Wally!!! I'll just inconvenience myself to make your miserable life just a bit better.  So I move my cart, finish loaded my car, and then look up to see that there is no one parked in the empty slot next to me.  What??? Where did Wally go?  And then I saw him... parked in the next aisle over.  Wally couldn't drive down to the of the aisle and pull around to the next.  He had to stare me down, to move my cart, to pull through the parking spot and into the next aisle.  ARE YOU BLEEPING KIDDING ME?!  I was speechless.  Utterly in near shock at the nerve of this guy.  And then the van door opened... and the seven young children all poured out.  Each with a new level of shrieking voices.  It was the sound of an army of fingernails raked along a chalkboard.  All of them aimed at poor Wally.  This is where the pity side comes into play.  I instantly went from raging at this poor soul to feeling horribly sorry for him.  I believe that I understood his glare from earlier.  In his head he had to be thinking... this guy (me being the guy), he looks big enough (I'm 6'2" and pushing 315).  He looks like he could kill me if I make him mad.  Poor Wally didn't get his wish.  I just let him pass through the parking slot without so much as a harsh word which then forced him to finish his shopping trip with the devil brigade that he was driving around with.  Good luck and godspeed Wally... where ever you may by and where ever you call home.  I wish you well.  Sometimes life in a small town is way more complicated than it should be... but it does make for some interesting days.

And with that... be safe out there my friends.

EBN News Anchor,
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