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Welcome to May!!!

Holy smokes... how is it May 1st already? I mean seriously... didn't the ball drop in New York like a few weeks ago? Not sure how it happens, but as I get older, the years feel like they get shorter and shorter. This getting older things is kind of rough. I used to use sleep to recover from the strains and pains of the day. Now if I'm not careful, I create new strains and pains if I get out of bed incorrectly! Anyway, enough of the old man drama, let's get on with the EBN update.

EBN News Update!!

Alright folks, lets get this EBN bandwagon back together and on the road to justice. It has become perfectly clear that the bunny mafia has taken complete advantage of us as we were taking care of family and store issues. If that doesn't show all of you just how evil these little fuzz balls are, I don't know what will. And if you don't recognize that as well... then you might as well show up to work looking like these bunny sympathizers.
Now if you're part of the law-abiding, justice loving, freedom seeking, bunny hunting members of our beloved EBN Network... let's get ready to put the fuzz balls in their proper place. That's right... in the FabShophop penitentiary. Let's start this endeavor right now. Our investigators have let me know that there's a rookie member of the bunny mafia that is making a mess within the "Henry Glass Fabrics" page of this site. This is the perfect target to get all of us back into the flow of justice and democracy. Rookie bunny or not, always remember to be careful around these guys. They are all dangerous and are not to be taken lightly. Go to the "Henry Glass Fabric" page... locate the bunny... and then report that location to the FabShophop authorities. Let them go do... that voodoo... that they do... so well. Keep yourselves a safe distance so that you all can come back next month to help apprehend the next member of the bunny mafia. With your help, we'll show those varmints what justice feels like. Until next month... stay vigilant my friends.

Much appreciated,



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