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If everyone remembers how things were left in February, the February bunny was in a whole heapin' mound of trouble.  The mafia had threatened to send him on a long walk off a short pier... and that was just for starters.  Now we here at the EBN have no love loss for these bunny mafia criminals, but not even we can sit back and allow such violence to happen.  With this in mind, I set into play my biggest, boldest plan ever (cue the flashing lights and the dramatic music).  I planned a daring deal with the Fabshophop authorities to turn the February bunny, who's name is Reginald by the way, into an informant against the mafia.  We have new identification cards for him, new place to live and work, we even got him a new disguise to help keep him safe.  It's a flawless plan!
Boom!!!  Tell me this disguise is anything but genius... I dare you.

Anyway... Reginald is already starting to pay off.  He's passed along some information on the March mafia member.  Looks like the March bunny is a big fan or chickens for some reason... hey... who am I to speak poorly of him?  I love chicken nuggets too!  Reginald also said that he believes that the bunny is hanging out in the "Red Rooster Fabrics" area of the website.  Huh... how about that bit of logic?  A chicken lover hanging out in the "Red Rooster" area.  It's as if someone took the time to think out this bit of fictional make believe.  Hopefully Reginald will continue to be this helpful every month.  It sure would be nice to have some dependable resources around here for a change.

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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