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Welcome and thank you for taking a minute to visit us at Quilts n Gifts in Bluffton, Indiana. We are a one stop, independent quilt shop. We specialize in the finest 100% cotton fabrics and offer a wide selection of patterns, books and notions for quilters at all levels. We also offer long arm service with a Gammill Statler stitcher.

There are no strangers at QuiltsNGifts, only friends that have never met. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax and enjoy our web site. See you around the quilting frame, Mary.

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2015 Emergency Bunny Network!!!
(2014 in the books, ready for the new year!)

As our faithful readers begin a new year, we here at the EBN have our list of New Year Resolutions!!! Yes... even we have goals to strive for.

1) Plan a bingo intervention for our bingo lady... (if we succeed, what would we call her then?)
2) Need to build a rabbit proof office. (our current office was destroyed three different times last year)
3) Make a better schedule so updates are done on time.  (Dear Lord... do not tell my wife that I am trying to be organized! I will never hear the end of it at home.)


Let's fire up the engines and get this update rolling!  Our first bunny of the year comes to us from... ummm... I'm not really sure where he comes from.  BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT! What's important is that this fuzzy little felon needs to be tracked down, searched for, scouted out and reported to the authorities at the Fabshophop headquarters pronto.  The center of our search pattern needs to be focused on our "Block Of The Month" location.  With that said... I need roadblocks at a two mile radius of that location.  Monitor train stations, bus terminals, airports, bicycle rentals and any McDonald's in that area (tell you guys what, I'll cover the McDonalds... I know, I know... it'll be a sacrifice, but it's one I'm willing to make for my readers).  Okay then... everyone ready?! Let's GOOOO.... wait, wait, wait.... fine... does anyone else need to use the bathroom before we go?  Now's your chance.  Go ahead, I'll wait. (this always happens... make a great, stirring and emotional speech to charge up the troops, and it gets shot down by an over active bladder...)  Okay... everybody back? Good, let's GOOOO... now what?! NO, I didn't pack any snacks... OH MY GOSH... yes go ahead and get some! Heaven forbid you don't have some Goldfish to munch on during our trip. Now then... anything else??? What? WHY DIDN'T YOU GO BEFORE??? AARRGGHHHH.... Before I loose my mind... please remember to go to "Block Of The Month" and report the bunny.  I gotta go...

Let the bunny search begin... Happy Quilting!
Adolfo Porrata

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