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How many of us have entered a week with a rock solid... can't fail plan to accomplish everything that needs done?  Oh yeah... lots of hands being raised.  Mine is raised as well.  Okay then... of those that have their hand raised... keep your hand raised if that plan when through total success and completion?  Hello? Where did all the hands go?  EXACTLY MY POINT!  My plan to make all the bunny kids stay at home keeping the mafia parents off the streets was strategic genius... and for two days it worked perfectly.  And then tragedy strikes within these very walls.  Apparently our dear bingo lady has been having a rough go of it lately at the bingo hall.  Seems like she hasn't won much recently, and with addiction to ink dobbers and lucky gnomes that she has, our bingo lady needed a second source of income.  Can you guess what her grand idea was??? No... Nope, try again... Heck No! (I don't even think that's legal!)  Wait... who said ruin my very existence?  Not exactly correct, but you got the main point of her plan.  Our dear, beloved, cherished bingo lady decided to open a day care for little bunny babies and kids.  A BLEEPIN' DAY CARE FOR THE VERY THINGS WE'RE TRYING TO FIGHT AGAINST!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!  I walked into the office building on Tuesday and it had become a wild combination of Animal Kingdom and The Lord of the Flies.  It was a disaster!  Heck, I would have been thrilled had it just stopped at the disaster level.  Pop quiz for everyone... Do baby rabbits wear diapers?... OF COURSE NOT!  Are baby rabbits potty trained?... That's a big negatory!!!  Can you say pellets... everywhere?  I'm sorry if it seems like I'm yelling a lot, but I'm kind of on the brink of loosing my sanity.  I need you to do a favor.  While I continue to try to clean this mess up... and figure out how to get these vermin out of my office area, please go to the "What's New" page and report the February bunny mafia member. 

I need to work on putting together better plans...

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata

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