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2016 is in the books... Let's start up 2017!!!

Holy smokes my friends... another year completed... another year coming up... another round of annoying little fuzzy little bunnies to bring to justice.
It's hard to remember everything that has gone on this last year... probably because of the multiple concussions those rabbits gave  me, but here's a short list of what has happened... (I'm going to attempt to write it out to the rhythm of "The 12 Days of Christmas")

In the 12 months of last year the bunny mafia gave to me...
TWELVE ex-employees
ELEVEN news trucks totalled
TEN anvils dropping
NINE pending lawsuits
EIGHT lab explosions
SEVEN sprained ankles
SIX ER visits
FIIIIIIIVVVEEE concussions and counting
FOUR stubbed big toes
THREE lost bingo dobbers
TWO more migraines coming
And next year we'll do it over again

Okay... January starts a new year and what better place for a bunny to hide than the "What's New" area of the website.  Oh yes, as cheesy as that may sound, it's true.  They're rabbits for crying out loud... how original can they be? Right?  So here's the plan.  Scope out the "What's New" page.  Root around every corner and dark alleyway.  Find that little fuzzball and tell the Fabshophop authorities where you saw him at.  They'll collect the intel, they'll work on apprehending the felon, and as usual, they'll take all the credit even though it was you fine folks that did all the heavy lifting.  Just once I'd like to see them do this work without us... right?  That's right!  They're just a bunch of lazy good for noth... Hang on a sec... just given a letter from the EBN legal department... okay then... ~ahem~ (clears throat) The Fabshophop authorities are a wonderful group of hard working individuals that continually strive to better this world by removing the bunny mafia threat.  It is within their generous hearts that this task is done and we are continually blessed that they allow to take part in these activities.  ... you go do what is needed to find that January bunny.  I'll take care of the EBN legal department.  ( I didn't even know we had a legal department)

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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