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Welcome and thank you for taking a minute to visit us at Quilts n Gifts in Bluffton, Indiana. We are a one stop, independent quilt shop. We specialize in the finest 100% cotton fabrics and offer a wide selection of patterns, books and notions for quilters at all levels. We also offer long arm service with a Gammill Statler stitcher.

There are no strangers at QuiltsNGifts, only friends that have never met. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax and enjoy our web site. See you around the quilting frame, Mary.

How To FabShop Hop FabShop Hop Registration Go To List of Shops For visitors to this page that do not want to read through the bunny stories. I will place a hyperlink in this area so you can go directly to the bunny.

 "Riverwoods Collection Fabrics" <= CLICK THERE


Keep your head down!  Make sure those windows are secured and boarded up!  Someone find the Bingo Lady... she's liable to open a door or something.  Now is not the time to panic! I'M NOT PANICING...(much).  I know, I know... I'm trying to calm down before someone sees me like this... huh? What?  There's people looking at me now?  Wonderful... WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME???
(ahem... ~clearing throat~)

Welcome back everyone to this EBN news update.  Please excuse my prior composition.  Things outside our office have definitely taken a turn for the worst.  We were able to finally apprehend Bugsy by injecting horse tranquilizers into a cluster of carrots.  Yes, horse tranquilizers, and that just slowed him down so we can wrap the little bugger up.  Needless to say, Hannah "The Hurricane" has not taken this turn of events well.  She is throwing a temper tantrum on a near biblical level.  This is day four of this tantrum and I am hoping that she will run out of steam sometime soon (please tire out soon...).   Hannah is still blowing through her old stomping grounds so check out the Riverwoods Collection Fabrics... she'll be there, just keep a safe distance.  Personally... I would like to think that is justified retribution for filling peanut butter cups with guacamole.  I still can't get that taste out of my mouth when I took that first bite. YUCK!!!  Serves them right!

As crazy as Bugsy and Hannah are to deal with, we all know that the Bunny Mafia still has members too numerous to count (the multiply like rabbits you know...).  Our sources are finding clues that the mafia has been making calls to its foreign ties and calling in a few favors.  We've found some disturbing clues and we're trying to put things together to better understand who is coming up next.  Not sure what to make of partially eaten carrots with two puncture like holes in them.  We'll keep up the investigation to make sure there are no surprises.  Speaking of surprises... why am I feeling a breeze in here??? What?  The Bingo Lady did what??? Why did she go outside??? Oh, really... the pizza place in town delivers during hurricanes?  In that case, Bingo Lady better make it back in here in one piece (at least the pizza better make it)... I'm hungry and pizza sounds awesome right now.

Things are looking better already... Keep up the good work fellow EBN members... Quilt On!!

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