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Picture this... a warm spring day.  A handful of fluffy white clouds whispered within the bluest sky you can remember.  A piece of literary genius laid before you and the cool refreshment of (insert favorite summertime drink here)... Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  You can almost taste it can't you?  But then the absolute unthinkable happens... In the midst of such bliss a swarm of hyperactive, spasmatic, coo-coo for Coco Puffs bunny rabbits race in... and they're everywhere.  One kicks your drink right onto your lap (oh yeah... that's cold) while another one paints bunny ears on your glasses so you can't see the clouds and sky and the end all be all comes when the last bunny reaches across your laptop and erases all the work put into the piece of literary genius.  WORST DAY EVER!!!  (I feel a guilt trip falling around me... ugh)  Okay, okay... there was no super sensational spring day, no cool refreshment, not even one bunny, let alone a swarm of them... and the piece of literary genius... well that part was true, but the erasing part may have been more of my fault.  As I was finishing up the May addition of the EBN network, I may have forgotten to save it when I was trying to post it to the webpage.  What a rookie, bone-headed mistake.  I just figured it would sound better if I was attacked by a swarm of crazed rabbits.  Actually, come to think of it, I'm not sure which one really does sound the worst.


Our focus on the May bunny doesn't take us too far from the coo-coo for Coco Puffs mentality though.  This month we get to deal with Cyrus.  This crazy guy is the photograph collector for the bunny mafia.  He likes the simplicity of a photo.  A still image, frozen in time, without the overdone movements of a video or the unbalanced brush strokes of a painting.  Try to give him something other than a photo... I hope your insurance is paid for because things are about to get exciting.  We have eye witness testimony of such an event just last week.  During a routine inspection of the warehouse district, Cyrus was spotted taking photos of historically old buildings (his work is excellent by the way) and someone, trying to accomplish a similar artistic goal, began filming video.  The eye witness account gets a bit sketchy from here as he did not stay in the building very long after things started, but from what I can gather, everything that was in the warehouse was literally thrown into the alley way.  Not only that but the interior walls were left completely void of paint or any other covering... it was taken down to bare walls... all the walls.  As for our Spielberg wanna-be... umm... wow, how to put this delicately... let's try it this way... he is very fortunate that his movie camera was small.  It made for a much simpler surgery to have it removed.  Removed from where you ask?  Umm... well, let's just say that sitting down is a bit uncomfortable for him at this moment.  But a complete recovery is expected... so there's good news in that regard.

Please... take extreme care when identifying and reporting Cyrus's location.  I would say that since "Fabric P
are the closest things to pictures on this website, I would start there.  Keep up the great work my friends... and I'll do my best to save my work before doing anything with it.

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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