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List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop   List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop List of Shops Join the Hop Fabshop Hop


It's been a bit since I've done a mid-month update... but dealing with Bugsy again just demands that information is sent out to our followers so we can keep everyone as safe as possible.  Oh... speaking of safes... the new armored cars that I mentioned before... yeah, not so safe against safes.  Sure, they held up great when Bugsy was dropping the little ones but apparently he has a stash of really big ones that he was saving for just such an occasion.  Needless to say, the new fleet of protected vehicles are now much flatter than they used to be.  As much as it bothers me to admit that a fuzzy little bunny has us on the ropes... Bugsy right now has us in that predicament.  Don't get me wrong, we're not backing down and neither should you.  Go out and hit the "What's New" area and report his location as soon as possible.  The more information we can gather, the better off we'll be.  Lets keep the pressure on him and we'll win this battle (I hope).  Stayed tuned for further updates.


For our faithful readers our July bunny is no stranger to any of us.  The single most abusive, destructive, law breaking, diabolical, evil genius we've ever come across.  What??? No... it's not my mother (although she's close)... it is none other than Bugsy himself.  Back again to continue his torturous ways.  He has already ruined the lives of countless Fabshophop authority members.  Even our dear Bingo Lady (who loves everyone) can't bring herself to like the fuzzball.  Sure... I can hear most of you now... "What's going to be different this time around?  You'll just get blown up, dropped through portable holes, or have another safe drop out of the sky and Bugsy will get away for a third time."  Believe me... I understand your hesitation.  I'd be lying if I said that I was a bit nervous as well.  Heck, just hearing about Bugsy again is causing me some mild panic.  Every time I hear a plane overhead I can't help but to duck and cover expecting an ACME safe or anvil to drop from the heavens.  But together with the FabShopHop think tank and our very own EBN laboratories, we've designed new armored vehicles that can withstand an anvil or a safe dropping on them (we hope... it's kind of hard to test that sort of thing).  We are better prepared now than ever before!  It's obvious that the sheer quantity of new items in the "What's New" area of this site has drawn Bugsy out of hiding.  Start there.  Search the "What's New" area and begin to report Bugsy's location.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE HIM YOURSELVES!!!!  You simply do not have the equipment to handle such a task.  Leave this to the professionals. (something tells me I should have down the air quotes around professionals...)

EBN News anchorman...
Adolfo Porrata


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