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Welcome and thank you for taking a minute to visit us at Quilts n Gifts in Bluffton, Indiana. We are a one stop, independent quilt shop. We specialize in the finest 100% cotton fabrics and offer a wide selection of patterns, books and notions for quilters at all levels. We also offer long arm service with a Gammill Statler stitcher.

There are no strangers at QuiltsNGifts, only friends that have never met. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax and enjoy our web site. See you around the quilting frame, Mary.

How To FabShop Hop FabShop Hop Registration Go To List of Shops How To FabShop Hop FabShop Hop Registration Go To List of Shops For visitors to this page that do not want to read through the bunny stories. I will place a hyperlink in this area so you can go directly to the bunny.

 "Sales and Clearance" <= CLICK THERE

EBN News Alert!!

Apply pressure!!! You have to apply pressure directly to it... come on people, doesn't anyone know how tape up a bulletin?  I'm surrounded by amateurs here!  Even though the reports of ankles being bitten have sky rocketed... I just can't seem to get the word out fast enough that we all have to be very careful when reporting the location of Biter.  What? What do you mean, "Who is biter?" Where have you been? Hiding under a rock? Trapped in a mine shaft? Lost in the back aisles of your local library? Okay... Okay... for those of you that are just waking up from an off season hibernation, Biter is not only one of a very few members of the Vambit family of rabbit, but he is also a high ranking member of the Bunny Mafia.  I'm sure that you would recognize him if you saw him.  Just reference the picture below.  You can't miss him.
  <== Seriously... how can you miss this guy???

All kidding aside my friends... we need to pay special attention around this snaggle-toothed fuzzball.  We need to be CAREFUL!  Even for the readers that just woke up... I will repeat myself slowly...  Please be careful. (Seriously... I took ten minutes to spell out those three words.  I think my thumb cramped up moving so slow.)  Everyone got it???  Let's recap...  Go to the Sales and Clearance area of the site.  Locate Biter.  While keeping your distance, report his location to the Fabshophop Authorities and then back away (after buying something of course).
Alright... we're all on the same page now.  Let's get this done!

Carry on fellow readers... carry on!

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