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My sources are telling me that Duster is definitely feeling the squeeze as you are all focusing in on him.  I'm sure he is seriously doubting his decision to try and join the bunny mafia.  Just goes to show that it isn't just the big bosses of the mafia group that we're willing to take on.  Stopping the new recruits is just as effective in slowing down their growth and reach.  Keep relaying his location to the Fabshophop authorities when you find Duster in the "Sales and Clearance Fabrics" area.  We'll have him captured in no time.

(I'm hungry... what's for breakfast?)

Okay people... lace up the boots, strap on the saddles and lets get ready to ride!!!  That's right, since modern technology hasn't been lucky for us travel-wise... we're going old school. (For the bingo lady... that was like last week) We're going on horse back!!!  I contacted a friend of mine and cashed in a few favors to round up a few beautiful horses for us to join in the bunny search.  This idea is perfect... can't carry much more than what a saddle bag holds, no security check points before getting on and a perfect way to enjoy nature's beauty along the way.  You have to admit... this was a pretty solid idea.  Right... everyone saddled up? Excellent... oh no... no, don't spur the horse... NO! DON'T DO THAT... Holy smokes... you all need to see this. I need to take a picture before it's all over... hang on. YES!!! Caught it just in time.
  This traveling thing is so much more difficult than I thought it would be...

Well then... I guess our travels to join all of you will be detoured by a trip to the local emergency room.  Don't worry, they know us there on a first name basis.  In all honesty... ER room #4 is now known as the EBN Suite.  It's great... the nurses are super nice... the bed is pretty comfortable... and the doctors have finally gotten past the "Oh.. it's you again" look.  While we get the intern's head checked for a concussion (he was wearing helmet in case you were wondering... we are all as safe as possible here at the EBN) I'm going to start looking at April to see who's next on the Bunny Mafia hit list.  My sources indicate that the bunny is somewhere in the "Quilting Kits" area.  Once we get a confirmed identity we will pass it along immediately.

No... the room is not upside down... will someone please get the intern back on his feet.  And will someone please give me his name?  Three years is long enough for calling him the intern.  Come on folks... let's try to be some what professional... Oh look... cartoons are on the TV... leave me alone please.

Our mission continues is slightly delayed...
Adolfo Porrata

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