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Welcome and thank you for taking a minute to visit us at Quilts n Gifts in Bluffton, Indiana. We are a one stop, independent quilt shop. We specialize in the finest 100% cotton fabrics and offer a wide selection of patterns, books and notions for quilters at all levels. We also offer long arm service with a Gammill Statler stitcher.

There are no strangers at QuiltsNGifts, only friends that have never met. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax and enjoy our web site. See you around the quilting frame, Mary.

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How To FabShop Hop FabShop Hop Registration Go To List of Shops For visitors to this page that do not want to read through the bunny stories. I will place a hyperlink in this area so you can go directly to the bunny.

Now then...
EBN Network news update... bring on the cyber team.

If you remember... Hector had blocked access to our Fabshophop authorities so they couldn't get into our Block of the Month page.  We can now report that our high tech group of super nerds have finally hacked past his security settings and have him in custody.  I wish I could explain to you what our cyber team did to manage this feat, but when they tried to explain it to me, they started into their technical terms and words that I honestly don't believe are even real words, but I didn't last 3 minutes before my mind went numb... went cross-eyed... started to twitch... and then everything went dark.  I woke to them laughing at me and them giving themselves high fives.  Apparently this is a game they like to play and I was their unknowing target.  Thanks guys... now go back to your parents basement and play more Dungeons and Dragons. (My head hurts... I'm going to go take a nap)

Okay... Here we go. Refreshed and ready for action!!

I have the EBN news headquarters on lock down.  Doors are bolted, windows locked, chimney is shut and the office hamster is secure. (we really don't have an office hamster... but it sounded good) We are officially scared out of our minds and we need the help of you, our readers, the fabshophop authorities and possibly the National Guard. And yes, I would call in the Coast Guard if we lived closer to the water.  You know boats are surprisingly bad in a corn field... huh... who knew?  Anyway.  Our fears were confirmed when we received concrete proof that Bugsy the Bunny has returned.  And by concrete proof I mean anvils and pianos falling from the sky, random holes opening in the walls and floors of buildings, even the occasional explosion hidden in a box of candy.  (that last one really bothers me... I love candy, why ruin a perfectly good box of candy?)  We'll take any suggestions as to the best way to capture this crazy bunny that you may have.  The only idea we will not do is to call Wilbur Fudd back into this.  Poor guy never recouped from his last run in with Bugsy.  He still can't speak right and his hair hasn't grown back either.  I just can't do that to him again.  We are a smart group of people... okay, you all are a smart group of people.  If you have ideas, let us know.  Until then, Bugsy is still in the "Quilting Kits" area of the webpage.  Look for him there.  That will help us a lot.

Happy Quilting!

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