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(short and sweet... TSA Officials took my laptop)

Okay folks... got to make this quick.  Here's where we stand so far.

1) Overcharged for baggage.
2) Crazy long lines that we had to wait in.
3) (Speaking of crazy) Bingo Lady gets into a tussle with TSA agents over her ink dobbers.
4) Have to put together an EBN update on a contraband tablet.
5) Luckily a TSA agent is a follower of EBN as many of the bunnies are on no fly lists.

Everyone is doing great in reporting Buster to the Fabshophop authorities... Keep up the good work.  Remember, he's rumored to be in the "Sales and Clearance" area.  Some of you may be asking why the contraband tablet... why the short update? Well by friends, let me tell you.  Apparently the TSA office does not like to be questioned about ink dobbers.  They do not like to told that they can have the ink dobbers when they can pry them out of my cold dead fingers (Yes, that's a direct quote from our dear Bingo Lady). And last, but most definitely not the least, they really... REALLY don't like it when someone puts ink spots on their uniform.  So now that our "peaceful" dear Bingo Lady has uncovered these truths, we are all spending time in an airport detention room waiting to be released.  Uh-oh... I can hear them coming down the hall.  I have to go, but keep up the good work.  We'll be back with a full update soon (I hope).


Continue the search... Happy Quilting!
Adolfo Porrata

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